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Chuangyuan ● Service Value


 ★  Customized, quick response, standardized service

               ★  Provide consulting service for complete technical solutions of gear processing

     ★  Provide service for gear machine tools and technical products

★  Provide training clothes for gear processing operators

  Provide technical diagnostic services for machine tools and gears

 ★  Gear processing trial uniform providing customer samples

  Assist customers to achieve rapid mass production

★  Enhancing Production Capacity for Customers


 Chuangyuan ● Service Commitment

Return of Machine Tools Not Reaching the Agreed Technical Indicators


All jobs give way to customer service

All service personnel are qualified as certified engineers.

Directional Training of Applied Engineers

Specialized maintenance spare parts


★  Arrive at the scene 24 hours in the province

     48 hours away from the province to the scene

           ★  Maintenance Problem 8 Hours Provision Office

Sales Contact
Tel: 0086-731-84878468
Mobile: 0086-18075128236

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