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Implementing the talent training project and creating a learning organization is a work we spare no effort to carry out for a long time.

Training Objectives

Close to the market demand, grasp the direction of industry development, cultivate a wide range of knowledge, solid foundation of basic theory, knowledge, ability and quality "trinity" of compound and practical skilled personnel.

Cultivation Mode

  1. For all levels of employees, according to their job requirements and their actual skills level, formulate appropriate staff training plans and give learning platform and space, maximize the development of employee potential, improve employee quality and enhance competitiveness.

  2. The company adopts a variety of training methods, including induction training for new employees, professional skills and knowledge training, technical exchanges, various types of qualification certification training and various types of business skills training.

  3. In order to improve the knowledge level and professional skills of employees, the company encourages them to continue their further studies and to participate in all kinds of on-the-job training and learning.

Career Development

  1. The company pays attention to the career development of employees and encourages them to make personal career development plans with the guidance and help of the company. The career development channels provided by the company for employees are "two-track" mode, namely "management direction" development channel and "technology direction" development channel.

  2. In the two development channels, there are two ways of "vertical promotion and development" and "horizontal development": "vertical promotion and development" refers to the promotion and development of the post or the technical specialty; "horizontal development" refers to the translation and development of cross-field posts or technical specialty (such as post adjustment, change, etc.), thereby establishing a company's employee career of "making the best use of talents and talents". Development platform.

Development Way

The company provides two series of career development channels: technology and management.

I. Technical Channel:

  1. Production: Apprenticeship - Junior Technician - Technician - Technician - Senior Technician

  2. Research and Development: Technician - Assistant Engineer - Engineer - Deputy Director Engineer - Director Engineer - Associate Professor - Professor

II. Management Type:

Employee-Supervisor-Deputy Manager-Manager-Vice-General Manager

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